Privacy Policy

Due to the need to protect the confidential information of users of DOKON services (hereinafter referred to as the “User”), this Privacy Policy for the processing of personal data has been drafted in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Personal Data” No. 547 dated July 2, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Law on personal data) and defines the procedure for informing Users about the procedure for processing personal data and taking measures to ensure the security of personal data taken by DOKON.
1. An individual or legal entity (User) by sending a request for the provision of services for the delivery of consumer goods through the DOKON application (including mobile applications for iOS, Android platforms and the web version of, hereinafter referred to as the "Application") accepts this Privacy policy of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) and gives his consent to the processing of personal data. When using DOKON services through the DOKON application, all the necessary information is collected in order to carry out processes such as registering an account, providing consumer goods or services, and making payments.
2. Full and unconditional consent to and acceptance of the Policy (Consent) shall be a confirmation of the User’s familiarization with all the provisions of this Policy by means of a relevant mark in the DOKON Annex. The user gives his consent to the processing of the following personal data:
a) Last name, first name;
b) Valid phone number;
c) Address;
d) Order information, inquiry or complaint information;
e) Records of the User's calls;
f) Other data provided by the Applicant or obtained by DOKON using the data provided by the User.
3. The purpose of processing the personal data of Users collected by DOKON is as follows:
a) User identification on DOKON; b) Maintaining contact with the User;
c) To provide services, complete inquiries and respond constructively to complaints received;
d) To maintain relevant financial processes related to payment;
e) To identify and address systemic issues related to DOKON;
f) To measure user experience by using identification technologies / cookies, to improve the performance of the platforms we provide
g) To improve the quality of the provided consumer goods and services in accordance with the preferences, habits and interests of Users.
4. In the course of processing the User's personal data obtained through the DOKON application, for use within the framework of its own evaluation (scoring) system, as well as for the purpose of high-quality and timely provision of consumer goods or services and for payment, the following actions will be performed:
✔ collection;
✔ systematization;
✔ storage;
✔ clarification (update, change);
✔ addition;
✔ usage;
✔ provision;
✔ spread;
✔ transmission;
✔ depersonalization;
✔ destruction.
5. The processing of personal data is carried out on a legal and fair basis. The User is provided with the protection of personal data from unauthorized access in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The operator of the DOKON application, as well as other persons who have gained access to personal data, are obliged not to disclose to third parties and not to distribute personal data without the consent of the subject of personal data, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
6. The processing of personal data ensures its accuracy, sufficiency and relevance. The User confirms and guarantees that the personal data specified by him belongs to him personally.
7. The personal data of the User shall be stored and processed until the goal of their processing has been achieved.
8. The payment infrastructure is provided by PAYME. DOKON stores the first six and last four digits of the plastic card in its systems. In order to match an existing PAYME account and allow Users to use their cards as a payment instrument in DOKON, a request is made in PAYME for an account with a mobile phone number registered in the application and, if the User has an account, the User will be informed and directed to adding the corresponding card.
9. The User accepts that he / she is fully responsible for the security, storage and prevention of third-party examination of the means of access to the system (username, password, etc. used to use the services offered by DOKON.
10. DOKON reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate all provided services for the delivery of consumer goods, information, images and other elements without prior notice to the User.
11. DOKON reserves the right to make changes and updates to this Policy. Responsibility for compliance with the current version of the Policy lies directly with the User.
12. DOKON is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses and expenses that may arise as a result of any errors, interruptions, delays, viruses, line and/or system failures that may occur during the provision of our services electronically.
13. Privacy Policy in is up-to-date.