Lazy to go to the store? no problem the store comes to you!

Dokon - main page hand image

- is a new generation store.

You no longer need to go to the store, we deliver the goods you want to your door in minutes!

Why us?

We offer you the same things that we buy for our home.

Don't worry about the quality and freshness of your products!


Our kind and professional couriers work for you.

We will deliver your orders toyour door in minutes!

3Optimal prices

Our prices are almost the same as in stores (even cheaper :)

You can shop for the same pricewithout going to the store in minutes!

Where are we?

At the moment we are only in the orange areas.

Our next target is yellow areas.

Don't worry, we'll be opening up in the dark blue areas as soon as possible!

We work 24/7

Be with us!